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My Current Morning Routine

I struggled with sticking to a productive morning routine in my twenties. I was always rushing to get ready and get out of the house, almost every day. My body naturally wakes up at 5:00-5:30 a.m., so waking up wasn’t the issue for me. My problem was actually getting out of bed. Most days I would wake up, lay in bed and watch t.v. until I had to get up. When I finally started using that time to get prepared for the day, it really improved my mood, energy and productivity. Here are the the things I do (almost) every morning to help me have better, more productive days.


The first thing I do in when I get out of bed is stretch. Stretching helps to relieve sore muscles and has a very calming effect on our minds and bodies. There are days when I’ll wake up and immediately become overwhelmed with all of the things I need to do that day. Stretching as soon as I get out of bed not only helps my body get ready for the day, it also has been a huge stress reliever.

Start with Something Positive

I had a habit of checking emails and reading text messages I may have missed from the night before as soon as I woke up. I wanted to change that because I feel like my morning routine should be a time to prepare for the day before I jump into it. Now, I start my mornings with something positive before touching my phone or turning on the news. Some days it’s a chapter in a book, other days it’s a daily affirmation. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mood since I started doing this. I’ve even noticed how much better I handle the not so good days when I start them from a positive place.

30 Minute Workout

I’ve been working out in the morning since January. It’s been life changing. I used to workout in the evenings after work, but it was such a struggle to make it happen. I love having that time to myself before the kids wake up. I also love that feeling after of accomplishing something before the day even starts! I also love the energy boost I get from working out in the morning.

Get Clean

When I’m having a rough morning (like every Monday), I’ll add a face mask and one of my favorite body scrubs while I’m in the shower. It’s like a mini Monday spa session. I cannot tell you how much better my days have been since I started doing this!

Make My Bed

It’s the little things that count. Making my bed is just represents a new day and a fresh start to me. It’s also another small accomplishment before I actually start my day.

Get Ready for the Day

I love to have a little extra time to get ready in the morning. I still get dressed for work everyday even though I’m still working from home. I’m a firm believer in the saying “when you look good, you feel good”. Even if I’m working from my living room and do not have any Zoom meetings planned for the day, I still put on some mascara and lip gloss. I notice that I’m in a better mood and more productive when I’m feeling confident in my physical appearance.

Drink a Glass of Water/Take Vitamins/Eat Breakfast

Yeah, I know this is three things, but I do them all at the same time. There are some important health benefits of starting your day with a glass of water. It’s been a lot easier for me to remember to take my vitamins if I do it at the same time everyday. I also take a shot of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water. This is another great energy booster with may other amazing health benefits!

This morning routine is what’s currently working for me. I’m not saying that this is what everyone should do. That’s just not realistic! I have noticed how having a plan every morning has had a positive effect on my life. I also see how important it is for me to have that time to myself before the kids wake up. If you’ve been struggling to find a morning routine that works for you, my advice is to start small. Instead of trying to wake up an hour or more earlier, try 20 minutes. In that 20 minutes add one new thing to your morning routine. Once you’ve gotten that down add another 20 minutes for something else. Personally, once I start to see results it makes it so much easier to keep going.

What is something you have to do in the morning in order to have a good day? Please comment below!

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